An Introduction to Brand Reflections

Brand Reflections is an approach to developing, measuring and refining a brand’s identity and characteristics to ensure that they are only consistent but that they are also believable and recognisableBrand Reflections was developed from an initial curiosity into whether there is any overlap between the work we have done on measuring the formation and development of team relationships and group culture and how the perception of brands varies amongst consumers and brand managers. In other words, how important is the consistency of the perception of a brand’s “personality”.

At first glance there don’t appear to be too many connections between these two areas, however, scratching beneath the surface reveals some key psychological commonalities.

As with personal and workplace relationships and with our relationships with brands and organisations, we form perceptions and opinions through the prism of personality traits and characteristics. It may sound strange, but for any brand that we come in to contact with, even at a very superficial level, we develop a set of characteristics or views that we believe we can apply to the brand. This often takes place on a subconscious level but is without doubt one of the many factors that influences our relationship with the brand.
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